Petnica Science Centre Campus


Petnica Science Center has its own campus with all necessary facilities to host  scientific conferences.

PSC is located in Petnica village near the city of Valjevo (100.000 citizens), around 100 km south-west from Belgrade.

Campus of Petnica Science Center contains:


Hotel (170 beds) – see Accomodation


Laboratories :


  • Biology : general lab, microbiology and molecular biology, cell cultures, confocal microscopy, herbarium


  • Chemistry: general lab, AAS, HPLC MS, GC MS, FTIR


  • Physics and electronics: general lab, optics, acustics, robotics, supercomputing


  • Archaeology: general lab, XRF, museum depot, photo studio


Auditorium (170 seats)


Classrooms (4 rooms with 50 seats, 4 rooms with 25 seats)


Library (40.000 books, and 50 scientific magazines)


Computer room (80 computers) – open 24h


Restaurant (350 seats)


Open auditorium (350 seats)


Full wi - fi coverage in the campus


Jorge Cham, author of “PhD Comics”

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