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The promotion of young scientists has to be the first  priority  in a sustainably operating scientific community. Besides university education, great importance has to be placed upon  the integration of young researchers into this community and to preparing the young for everyday life in the scientific world. It is for this reason that during the 2006 Annual Meeting  in The Hague, the   SETAC’s (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) European Student Advisory Council (SAC) was founded as the speaking tube of SETAC Europe’s students.  The aim of the SAC is to support these young researchers to become well-networked, self-confident scientists, and as a result, fully-fledged members of the society. To achieve these goals the  SAC  regularly organizes special student activities during SETAC Europe Annual Meetings and, on a  biennial basis, an international students-only meeting; i.e. the YES Meeting. For further information visit the council’s facebook page at



Jorge Cham, author of “PhD Comics”

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